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2022 ASE Collision Repair and Refinish Competency Profile
Job Sheet Skill Tracking

Buffing a Car
What's Included

Job Sheets


ASE Competency Profile

ASE Job Sheet Skill Tracking


A multi-year subscription ending June 30, 2026 is $1,800. There is no limit on student enrollments per school site per subscription term.

How To

Moodle instructions and answers to frequently asked questions are found below!

The 2022 ASE Collision Repair and Refinish Competency Profile site is designed to help instructors (and their industry partners) track student progress toward competency in the 2022 ASE Collision Repair and Refinish program standards. The content in this online course is consistent with the 2022 ASE Collision Repair and Refinish task list.


The online site contains two modules.  In Module 1 there is an assignment for every ASE task.  Student completion of this module creates a competency profile.  In Module 2 there is an assignment for every job sheet.  (Job sheets may contain multiple tasks.)  Student completion of the job sheet creates a record of specific task competency.  This module was created to assist industry partners supporting school internship students. 


Both modules contain seven topics that represent each of the areas of emphasis plus a topic addressing Foundation skills (RST).  There is also an eighth topic titled Instructor Resources that includes Moodle (Learning Management System) process documenation. 

Each topic contains the job sheets related to the ASE tasks in that emphasis area. In some cases, multiple tasks will be addressed on one job sheet. The job sheets are accessed through the assignment feature in Moodle. 

The assignments have been created to give the instructor, industry mentor, and student flexibility during the learning process. The assignment contains instructions and a Word version of the corresponding job sheet for the stduent to download, save, complete, save as a PDF,  and submit in the online assignment feature. The instructor or industry mentor reviews the document, make comments directly on the document, or provides separate feedback to the student from within the assignment before a grade is assigned.  All of the submitted documents remain within the assignment, within the online site for each student.


The grading scale reflects the ASE competency rating scale.

For an Overview of the CRR Competency Profile module click here.

For an Overview of the CRR Job Sheet Skill Tracking module click here.

Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) Advantages

  • Instructor site- customization options

  • Student tracking

  • Gradebook functionality

  • Online Assessment Tool 

The Moodle Learning Management System uses the Assignment functionality to support  Job Sheet completion and review/grading process.

  • Administrative Reports

  • No software to download or maintain

  • No hardware to purchase

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