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Frequently Asked Questions



How many students can be enrolled in the site?

Enrollment is unlimited from one school/facility per subscription period.


When can a subscription begin?

Subscriptions generally run from July 1 to June 30 each year to accommodate school fiscal yers.  Exceptions are made for health care facilities.


What are the subscription time limits?

Collision Repair and Refinish Competency Profile is a multi-year subscription ending June 30, 2026.  This end date coincides with the next expected update of the CRR task list. 

ASE Automotive Technoloyg Online Competency Profiles for MLR, AST, or MAST cetification levels are a multi-year subscription ending June, 30, 2026.

Automotive Technology Online Curriculum is a 1 year renewal subscription.

Unlicensed Assistive Personnel Online Curriculum is a 1 year renewal subscription.


Can I try out the online curriculum?

Yes, there is a demo site available for instructors to access.

Request a demo


Computer Requirements


What are the technical requirements to use these products?

You must have internet access and digital devices — desktop or laptop computers, tablets, or cell phones (Android or IOS). There are no additional software or hardware costs. The sites are housed on an IMS server. Your school/facility must add the email address to its “whitelist” to ensure the account confirmation process finishes correctly.


If you are using Google Drive, please contact your IT Department and ask that they evaluate the security settings to allow email communication to and from IMS and your site.


Can I still use the curriculum if I don’t have enough computers for all students?

Yes, with a computer and projector, you may access the site and continue to work through the material with your students.  Also, the lesson content may be downloaded as PDF, PowerPoint or Word documents and printed. 


Moodle Learning Management System


What is Moodle and how do I learn how to use it?

Moodle is an online learning platform that enables you to create online content and keep an eye on your students' progress.

IMS has created help documents, online and within the online site to help you learn the ins and outs of Moodle.  In addition, you may contact IMS for assistance in using Moodle.


Student Accounts

How do my students enroll if they do not have an email address?

The email address is a required field. However, as long as the field is completed with the correct format, i.e.,, the account will be created and the instructor will need to manually confirm the student’s account to complete the process.


How do I manually confirm a student’s account?

The path is: Site administration > Users > Accounts > Browse list of users

A list of names will display. Review those students who have the word Confirm in the last column on the right side of the screen. If the student's information is correct click the Confirm option.


How do I manually reset a student’s password?

The path is: Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Browse list of users

A list of names will display. Find the student’s name and click on it.

Select Edit profile. Enter a new password and click the Update profile button. Share the new password with the student.



If I use printed tests, can I still use the online gradebook?

Yes, you will manually enter the grades into the online gradebook.


Can multiple instructors use the same site?



Can I change the number of times a student can take a test?

Yes, there is an option in the Quiz Settings that may be changed. It is called Attempts allowed. If you want your students to have multiple chances to take the test you may adjust this option. To do this:

Open the quiz (Unit Test, Assignment Sheet, or Job Sheet)
Click on Edit settings > Grade > Attempts allowed (update the number) > Save the change


Can I allow a student to retake a test?

Yes, select the test and the Quiz administration menu opens. Select Results and the list of students who have attempted the test will display. Select the student by placing a check mark in the box on the left and scroll to bottom of the list and select the Delete selected attempts button. The student will be able to retake the test.


Can I change the order of the questions in the Unit Test so each student has a different version of the test?

Yes, in the Quiz administration dropdown, in the Edit settings options, you may choose Layout. One of the fields is Question order. You may select Shuffled randomly. The software will randomly shuffle the questions for each student.


Can I change the order of the answers in the Unit Test so each student has the answers displayed in a different order?

Yes, in the Quiz administration dropdown, in the Edit settings options, you may choose Question behavior. One of the fields is Shuffle within questions. The options are Yes or No. If Yes is selected the software will randomly shuffle the answers for each question for each student.


How can I keep the students from accessing the Lesson content while they are taking a test?

The easiest way to handle this situation is to hide the lesson during the time the students are taking the test. To do this:

Turn editing on > Choose the lesson > Click the Edit option on the right > Click on the Hide option

The title of the lesson will become gray and will no longer be visible to the student.



Can I assign students to specific instructors?

Yes, Groups allow students to be assigned to a specific instructor.


I teach several different classes. Can I track them separately?

Yes, Groups allow students to be assigned to specific classes.


I am using Groups but the option to select a group isn’t displaying?

From the activity, choose Edit settings> Common module settings> Group mode.

Visible groups or Separate groups must be selected. If it has not been selected, select one of the options, click the Save and return to course button. The option to choose a group should display for the activity.

Site Customization


What does customization of the site mean?

Auto Course Admins have the ability to add pages of new content to the site. They may add a list of additional resources including URLs for websites, they may add photos or videos or links to them. Existing tests may be revised. New tests may be created. Take a look at all the possible choices when you click on Add an activity or resource link.  This link will display when you choose the Turn editing on button.


How does customization of the site work with multiple instructors?

Generally, changes to the site affect all instructors. It is important that all the instructors agree on changes. However, there is functionality that allows for instructor specific changes. This functionality is called Grouping. If an instructor who is teaching Advanced Auto Tech and would like to create a Module Test they have the ability to do that. Only the students in the Advanced Auto Tech group would see that module test or be able to access it.


Our school uses trimesters. Can the online grade book reflect that structure?

Yes, the grades for the activities within each module can be arranged to meet your teaching schedule.


Student Grades and Tracking


Can the gradebook calculate an average grade for each student for a specific set of activities?

Yes, Moodle has the functionality to allow for the creation of an average grade for a student for a specific set of activities within a module.


Can I download grade information?

Yes, you have the option to download grade information for each activity, for the module, and for individual students.

What are the student tracking options?

For each student, the online site will report what activities the student has accessed that day, Today’s logs, or for the entire time they have been enrolled in the site, choose All logs. If you choose Outline Report or Complete Report a list of all the activities in the site will display with dates of when or if the activity has been accessed. The format is slightly different in each report.


Using Moodle


What does it mean when the overview mentioned that each module is like a separate Moodle course?

This structure makes for some redundant work for the instructor. What an instructor does in one module sometimes has to be done in all the modules, like creating groups. The site may look like a whole but the modules are separate entities and do not always share information. There is some functionality, called Cohort Sync, which helps to alleviate some of the redundant processes.

Why are some activities grayed out?

An activity that is gray indicates that in the student's view these items are not visible.


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